Organizational Effectiveness

Alerce Consulting helps business become more effective and efficient in achieving its results. We understand that people’s and company performance is conditioned to the social and structural context in which it operates. Alerce Consulting can help you improve performance by analyzing, changing, building or improving a strong culture and structure that will support your business strategy.

We are committed to improve employee’s creativity, team work and collaborative productivity.

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Organizational design and alignment
  • Leadership and Team assessment
  • Team building
  • Team offsite facilitation
  • 360 collaboration

360 collaboration

Alerce consulting works together with its clients to solve the problems of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork from a perspective that integrates cultural approaches and tools that diminish individualism, silo mentality, and distrust.

When business is a priority and change is a reality, then collaboration is the strategy.

    • C-Suite collaboration & teamwork
    • Cross-functional collaboration
    • Group facilitation
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