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Lead the dance: Lead the change

There are different approaches to learn how to dance or how to change. Some people learn the steps: one and ...
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When success becomes your enemy

We work so hard to be successful but then success becomes our enemy. This is what happened to Travis Kalanick, Uber's founder, ...
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Look #$^hole, only men, ok?

I had just graduated from college with a major in organizational psychology and I was hired by a nationwide Real ...
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Unhappy with your results?

The way you interpret things, frame your actions and determine your results. In 1939 George Dantzig, a doctoral student was ...
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Declining Performance? The Business Cost of lacking trust at the workplace

When there is no trust, four crucial and potentially negative consequences likely to occur at the workplace are: 1. Lack ...
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Biased by Design: Brain, Language and Managing change

Most of us think that change is necessary and sometimes inevitable but at the same time, many of us also ...
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